Daley Farms and Friends

12/10/09 Update:
We are busy getting ready for the holidays and are excited to see the families. We now have four dogs. Their names are; Shaggy, Maggy, Hazel and Bo. Shaggy was the first to join our family in early June. Hazel and Bo were rescued in late August and Maggy was our last addition in November. We saw her cute little face in a cage while visiting Donna (Tom’s sister) at the Pet Expo at the fairgrounds and had to have her.
We are also the proud owners of two female pygmy goats named Laverne (Cinnamon colored) and Shirley (little black pudgy thing). We added them to the family back in late July.
Finally, we currently have 20 chickens. Lucky is the name of the rooster and the 19 hens keep him busy. Egg production started a couple months ago and has slowed down due to the winter season. Can’t wait till springtime!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

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